Day 6 - Falls Creek Trails (9.6km, 394m Elevation)

Sarah and I took another walk along the trails at Falls Creek this time to the two lookouts Flying Spur and Ruined Castle. There was a fair bit of climbing involved as we started at 1,600m above sea level and the highest point we reached was 1,849m above sea level. Both our legs were burning by the time we reached the last lookout but we got lucky and scored a lift back to Falls from a lovely couple and their small red car “rosie”

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Day 5 - Rest Day aka Brewery / Winery Tour aka Carb Loading Session 1

We took a tour of the Local Breweries & Wineries stopping at Bridge Road Brewery for Lunch, I went for a spin with Sarah on the town bikes along the Rail trail while Simon tried to crack a KOM of Pints consumed in an half an hour window Next up was Gapsted wines where we stole some grapes and grabbed a few takeaways, then Feathertop winery last was Bright Brewery for another tasting paddle and a few pots before the dash back up to Falls for a night out on the Local Town

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Day 4 Morning - Tawonga Gap (30km, 618m Elevation)

Nice easy cycle today, starting at Mt Beauty and doing a loop around Tawonga and up Tawonga Gap East finishing at a local Cafe and cleaing out the Bain-Marie, grabbing some groceries and heading back to base camp in Falls Creek. As usual I was the first one to the top of the climb but the last one down the descent. The roads had just been swept so the descent was an easy one. I averaged 45km/h down which has been a lot better than I have previously been doing. Once again the weather was perfect mid 20’s but by the time we got back to Falls oit was raining and blowing quite heavily.

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Stats for this week so far =

Total Distance 242km, Total Elevation 5,155m

Day 3 Morning - Mt Buffalo (67.7km, 1,582m Elevation)

Late yesterday we were delivered our replacement vehicle(s) by Joe after blowing up our Bus as we first arrived. So today was to be our first cycle outside of Falls Creek.

We stopped on the way in Bright and had some Coffee’s and Muffins why Anthony went to the bike shop to get his rear wheel trued after bucking it hitting a grate.

When we left Falls Creek the weather was freezing and raining but by the time we arrived in Porepunkah the sun was out and it was sitting around 20 degrees - Perfect Cycling temperature.

Mt Buffalo was my kind of climb, it was a steady climb without to many sharp stabs that throw your rhythm out of wack. There was a small recovery flat section that lasted a couple of hundred metres right in the middle of the climb which was a  fantastic spot to wack it in the big ring and give the legs a stretch. The scenery was amazing the best I have ever seen but unfortunately I left the camera with Sarah so hopefully I can nick some to put up here from one of the other guys.

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Day 2 Morning - Falls Creek to Trapyard Gap Return (49km, 766m Elevation)

We rolled out a 8.30am in the hope it would be a bit warmer than early morning. The scenery was amazing there was clouds and fog everywhere. There was afew sharp turns on the decent that helped to keep us on edge.

When we rolled back Sarah had some freshly baked Orange and Poppy Seed Muffins ready for us to devulge.

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Day 2 Morning - Falls Creek Walk Trails (8km, 200m elevation)

Sarah & I rugged up and braved the cold morning to hit the local walk trails.

We headed out to Rocky Valley Dam to watch the sunrise which was magnificent, I carried a makeshift thermos full of Hot Chocolate & a couple of cups with marshmellows in them so we could warm ourselfs up before trecking back to the basecamp.

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Playing Phil Ligget Bingo while the legs have a well earned rest

Playing Phil Ligget Bingo while the legs have a well earned rest

Chef Sarah serving up the finest carbs in Falls Creek.

Chef Sarah serving up the finest carbs in Falls Creek.

Day 1 Afternoon - Falls Creek to Mt Beauty (61.5km, 1,474m elevation)

Well the rest of the Guys have finally assembled their Bikes so its time for a group cycle. While this mornings cycle was ice cold, this afternoons cycle the weather was superb. The initial descent was quite scary and will take me a bit of time to get used to hitting the twists and turns at speed. This is the week where I will need to grow a bigger set of balls. There was a fair bit of Roadworks going on and some of the road was cut away in sections and was just gravel but they weren’t too much of an issue to cycle over.

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Day 1 Morning - Shakedown Cycle (26km, 500m Elevation)

So Anthony and I were the only ones that decided to assemble our bikes once we arrived at Falls Creek. According to the Watchkeeper I took 37 minutes and Anthony was still going when I went to bed @ 11pm. We rolled out just after 6am to test out our assembly skills. The sunset was magnificent but it’s going to take some time for the body to adjust to the temperatures (the Garmin was reading 2.9*c when I dared look at it)

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